What is the Intern Blog?


Welcome to the 2019 Summer Intern Blog! This blog is a feed of articles written by a group of current Mercer Summer Interns to give prospective interns a peek into Mercer’s Internship Experience. Over the second half of our internships, we’ll be coming to you biweekly from 7 states and all 3 lines of business. By the end, we hope that you’ll want to come meet us and experience Mercer yourself.

Who are we?

On our crew, we have avid travelers, dancers, scientists, painters, and athletes. We come from all over the country and have very different backgrounds. However, we all felt aligned with Mercer’s mission and values, so we’ve banded together to share what we think mercer is all about. Most importantly, at the end of the day, we’re all college students just like you!

Your bloggers are sitting in Mercer offices across the U.S.
What’s the point of the Intern Blog?

If you’re anything like I was, you’re ankle-deep in business cards and still sweating from the last Career Fair at your school. It can be overwhelming and confusing to decide how you’d like to spend your valuable and oh-so-fleeting college summers. In order to make an informed decision, you’ve got to get real answers:


Fear not! We’ve been there. We’ll answer all these questions and more in our articles to give you a real, candid look at what a summer with Mercer has to offer.

What can you expect to learn?

Each week, we’ll post articles to showcase a different part of the Mercer Experience. In doing so, we hope to best present the scope, breadth, and experience of what we do.


We’ll get the summer started with insights on the first day and some surprising parts of the job.

Then, we’ll share some of the fun we’ve had in and outside the office.

After, we’ll talk about the people and activities at Mercer that have made us feel at home.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some tips on how to make the most out of being here.

So put away your reservations, anxieties, and all that resume paper and follow along with our summers instead. We aim to represent Mercer’s unifying values in order to pay  forward the warm welcome we’ve received during our summer internships.

Happy reading!

People are at the heart of everything. The future is made in the actions we make today.  –Mercer’s Values, https://www.mercer.com/about-mercer.html


About the Author Arriana Arroyo is a rising senior at Providence College, and a Health & Benefits Non-Actuarial Intern in Chicago. After hours, you can find her running, painting, or at the dog park with her pup Lola. She has loved her experience at Mercer. She is excited to be the co-organizer of the 2019 Intern Blog. Please feel welcomed to reach out to her with any comments, feedback, or questions on your blog experience. Find her on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arriana-arroyo

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