How Do Interns Spend Their Free Time?

By Megan Long During work, we are fortunate to spend our days working on intern projects, helping analysts with client work, and learning all about Mercer while acquiring technical and leadership skills as rising professionals. Although that is exciting itself, we don’t have to work all day, so what else do we do? If I’m... Continue Reading →

So, Ya Like Jazz?

By Emily Gershman I am now well into my seventh week as a Health and Benefits Intern in Mercer’s Washington, DC office. Interning at Mercer this summer has been a phenomenal experience, both in and out of the office. From 9-5, I have seen firsthand how hard everyone at Mercer works to fulfill the needs... Continue Reading →

Mercer’s Innovation Hub

By Chantel Woo In the consulting world, innovation is not only ideal – innovation is imperative. Our clients depend on us to create custom-fit solutions that equip them to face the challenges of the 21st century, in which industry trends are changing and technology is improving every day. The thing is, innovation does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

My First Day at Work

By Sukanya Joshi I remember being super nervous for my first day of work - after all, it was my first job internship, and in the world’s largest HR firm! I had expected a competitive, cut-throat environment with a high learning curve. However, once I reached Mercer, I was genuinely happy to realize that the... Continue Reading →

What is the Intern Blog?

By Arriana Arroyo Welcome to the 2019 Summer Intern Blog! This blog is a feed of articles written by a group of current Mercer Summer Interns to give prospective interns a peek into Mercer’s Internship Experience. Over the second half of our internships, we’ll be coming to you biweekly from 7 states and all 3 lines of business. By... Continue Reading →

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