What Does Each Intern Position Do?

By Adelaide Seeman

Some people know exactly what they want to do in the future. Others, like me, have no idea. But we all still have to go through the stress of applying to summer internships. Personally, most of the stress actually comes from not knowing what position titles actually mean. What exactly does a Health intern do? Would I like it? Could I do it?

To give you an idea of what you might encounter in each role, here is a brief summary of the work done by the interns (and Co-Ops) in the following positions at Mercer this summer (2019).

Health Non-Actuarial Intern

  • Researched and helped create a model to predict how quickly new technology will be adopted into the healthcare system
  • Attended client meetings and communications, and got to see information and presentations they helped create be delivered
  • Researched “Habilitative Services” for dependents with Autism, with a specific focus on the financial costs of adding that service to a client plan

Contributed by Elizabeth Briggs (Salt Lake City), Courtney Reilly (Boston), Mitchell Grenier (Boston), Patrick Harlan (Boston), and Farhan Shariar (Morristown)

Health Actuarial Intern

  • Developed AVs (actuarial values) for plans that allow the team to compare the relative richness of plan designs
  • Got familiar with lots of Excel keyboard shortcuts
  • Worked with the SMRT (standard Mercer rating tool) to come up with renewal increases based on clients’ past experiences

Contributed by Monica Day (Los Angeles)

Wealth – Investments Non-Actuarial Intern

  • Worked on creating a quarterly report on actions taken by DB, DC, and NFP clients
  • Had access to Mercer databases and compiled charts and graphs comparing different managers’ Emerging Markets strategies based on Mercer ratings of those strategies
  • Attended manager and team meetings

Contributed by Adelaide Seeman (Boston)

Wealth – Retirement Actuarial Intern

  • Worked on an income replacement ratio project to help clients get an idea of where their employees stand for income by comparing their current salaries with their retirement incomes
  • Contributed benefit calculations for individuals to give the worker the accumulated pension benefit that would be paid to them upon and through retirement
  • Took cash flows from major corporations and analyzed the yield as part of the bond model team

Contributed by Natalie Joseph (Los Angeles), Ronald Pacheco (Chicago), and Justin Sudenfield (Boston)

Career Intern

  • Completed a mock consulting project with fellow interns
  • Helped with a compensation benchmarking project
  • Worked on a total remuneration study for a large tax exempt organization

Contributed by Noah Talbot (Louisville) and Alishan Badaepura (Dallas)

Government Human Services Consulting (GHSC) Intern*

  • Work with the Washington State Behavioral Health Medicaid team to set capitation rates for calendar year 2020
  • Went to TopGolf after work with other interns and supervisors and had a blast

Contributed by Quinn Rafferty (Minneapolis)

GHSC Actuarial Intern*

  • Created the initial draft for client rate call meeting notes
  • Worked on a Forecasting IBNR (incurred but not reported claims) model that utilizes encounter data to “smooth” IBNR allocation by rate cell

Contributed by Michelle Torbit (Phoenix)

Functions Intern – Technology Industry Vertical Intern

  • Connected with our client managers to gather details on what noteworthy projects we have delivered, and then created PowerPoint slides as a resource for potential clients
  • Helped further analyze monthly and quarterly operations reports from creating pivot tables to designing a PowerPoint so the data is easily consumable for others
  • Continued work on the ITW study to explore what tech companies are doing to attract, reward, and retain the most innovative of the tech talent and developed a framework for others

Contributed by Jackson Butler (Dallas)

Human Resources Operations Intern**

  • Constructed an internal onboarding survey to help with intern and new hire adjustment and improve the experience
  • Created a blended learning framework that helps people identify their goals and the steps they need to take to retain them

Contributed by Max Casper (New York)

Co-Ops – Jr. Designer

  • Collaborated with the entire Career team to deliver template internal documents to help make our client facing rewards deliverables more cohesive and comprehensible
  • Learned a lot about health insurance and understand what the different plans are in order to be able to design accurately

Contributed by Courtney Mattson (Philadelphia)

Co-Ops – RMD (Region Market Development)

  • Procured lists of the fastest-growing private and public companies in the New England region to provide consultants with potential new business opportunities
  • Helped update our contact spreadsheet for clients so that we know who we can reach out to if we need information and who to check in with to make sure our clients are happy

Contributed by Austen Moye and Randa Taher (Boston)

*an opportunity available in the Health division, and only in these four locations: Atlanta, DC, Minneapolis, Phoenix

**a Mercer-facing internship; not many intern openings

About the author: Addy Seeman is a Wealth-Investment Intern in the Boston office. She is a rising junior at Colby College in Maine, where she is majoring in Global Studies. She is excited to spend her fall semester studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her free time, Addy enjoys playing with her dogs, baking, and spending time outside. Connect with her here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adelaideseeman

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  1. This is a fantastic article that gives us all some great insight into the type of projects you all worked on over the summer across Lines of Business and functions. Super useful to potential interns. Thank you!


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