Meet the 2019 Summer Intern Bloggers

This summer, the following Mercer interns are managing the Mercer Campus social media accounts. We are from offices all over the country, and we are very excited to share our experiences with you. Read on to learn more about our team members!

Arriana Arroyo

Office:  Chicago

Position: Health Intern

Education: Providence College

Fun Fact: She was born July 7th (7/7) and weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces. 


Lauren Baensch

Office:  New York

Position: Career Intern

Education: New York University

Fun Fact: I love to travel and my favorite place is Paris, France because I studied abroad there last summer.

Josh Bluestein

Office: New York

Position: Health Intern

Education: The John Hopkins University

Fun Fact: First job was selling hot dogs at Yankee Stadium.


Lakeisha Crum

Office:  Louisville

Position: Health Intern

Education: University of Louisville

Fun Fact: Had lunch with Bill and Melinda Gate when she was chosen as the Gates Foundation as the subject of a video they created about Eastern KY Education.

Emily Gershman


Position: Health Intern

Office: Washington DC

Education: The George Washington University- Milken Institue School of Public Health

Fun Fact: Took the fall semester off of her sophmore year to work in a hostel in Tel Avivi, Israel and to teach English in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Crystal Huang


Office:  Irvine, CA

Position: Health Intern

Education: Pomona College

Fun Fact: Her college water polo team beat the Chinese Olympic water polo team.


Shira Jedian

Office: New York

Position: RMD Intern

Education: Yeshiva University

Fun Fact: She was in a pizza comercial when she was 9.


Sukanya Joshi

Office:  San Francisco

Position: Health Actuarial Intern

Education: UC Santa Barbara

Fun Fact: She loves concerts!! So far she has been to Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Pentatonix!


Megan Long

Office:  New York

Position: Retirement Intern

Education: Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: Has been dancing since she was three and moved to NYC to pursue her two passions in life: dancing and being an actuary!!!!


Quinn Rafferty 

Office: Minneapolis

Position: Government Human Service Consulting Intern

Education: Macalester College

Fun Fact: Has travelled to 14 countries and over half of the US states.


Courtney Reilly

Office:  Boston

Position: Health Intern

Education: George Washington University

Fun Fact: Spent the past semester studying abroad in Barcelona and lived across the street from the Sagrada Família.


Adelaide Seeman

Office:  Boston

Position: Investments Intern

Education: Colby College

Fun Fact: Tried first cherry on her 21st birthday.

Grace Sheng

Office: Houston

Position: Retirement Intern

Education: The University of Texas at Austin

Fun Fact: Currently running a YouTube and Twitch channel recording her progress in learning to draw over the past 1.5 years.

joseph sullivan mercer headshot.JPG

Joseph Sullivan

Office:  Minneapolis

Position: Health Actuarial Intern

Education: Saint John’s University

Fun Fact: Was born grey due to a heart defect.

Chantel_Woo_intern blog

Chantel Woo

Office: New York

Position: Career Intern

Education: Barnard College

Fun Fact: I dance and compete on an urban/hip-hop team in downtown NYC.

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