How Do Interns Spend Their Free Time?

By Megan Long During work, we are fortunate to spend our days working on intern projects, helping analysts with client work, and learning all about Mercer while acquiring technical and leadership skills as rising professionals. Although that is exciting itself, we don’t have to work all day, so what else do we do? If I’m... Continue Reading →

Interns with Impact

Career Consulting Intern David Liptsyn describes his summer at Mercer as a combination of rapid learning, challenging and impactful projects, and outstanding teammates.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Working at Mercer has given me plenty of opportunities to connect with my coworkers and get the true Chicago summer experience. The fun started my first week here, and won’t be ending until my last.

Making Your First Connections in the Office

Heading into your first few weeks of a new job, especially an internship can be extremely frightening. A million and one questions race through your mind every morning. How should I dress? Who will talk to me? What do I do to fit in and not be THAT intern? I had all those questions and more on my first few days, but Mercer takes great pride in being a welcoming culture for all new hires.

Having Fun with Colleagues outside of Work

The DC office and in particular, the Retirement team, always has something to do. If you are not from the area you are working in, don’t worry! You will be as busy as you want to be. Although there is only one other intern in Retirement for DC, the rest of the office has included us in everything.

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