What a Summer!: Closing Thoughts from the 2019 Interns

By Quinn Rafferty The days are long but the internships are short. As many of us across the country see our internship coming to a close, the overall sentiment is bittersweet. All our experiences have been vastly different but share three major themes in common. 1.Mercer is a welcoming, supportive and encouraging space to learn... Continue Reading →

What Interns Wish They Could Have Learned in School

By Grace Sheng Hi, I’m Grace, a Wealth Intern in the Houston office. I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to know everything about a situation before I get into it. Before arriving at my internship, I read tons of posts and articles about how to prepare for and what to expect from... Continue Reading →

How to Be Professional at Mercer

By Crystal Huang The topic of professional behavior and work etiquette is multifaceted. There are all the things they tell you on the internet: communicate your ideas concisely and effectively, don’t swear, be on time (or a little early!) for work and meetings, keep your personal life out of the workplace, etc. Although these are... Continue Reading →

Making Your First Connections in the Office

Heading into your first few weeks of a new job, especially an internship can be extremely frightening. A million and one questions race through your mind every morning. How should I dress? Who will talk to me? What do I do to fit in and not be THAT intern? I had all those questions and more on my first few days, but Mercer takes great pride in being a welcoming culture for all new hires.

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