What Interns Wish They Could Have Learned in School

By Grace Sheng Hi, I’m Grace, a Wealth Intern in the Houston office. I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to know everything about a situation before I get into it. Before arriving at my internship, I read tons of posts and articles about how to prepare for and what to expect from... Continue Reading →

How Do Interns Spend Their Free Time?

By Megan Long During work, we are fortunate to spend our days working on intern projects, helping analysts with client work, and learning all about Mercer while acquiring technical and leadership skills as rising professionals. Although that is exciting itself, we don’t have to work all day, so what else do we do? If I’m... Continue Reading →

Interns with Impact

Career Consulting Intern David Liptsyn describes his summer at Mercer as a combination of rapid learning, challenging and impactful projects, and outstanding teammates.

An Exciting Day in New York

After only 4 weeks of our internship, we got to meet the CEO! It really goes to show how welcoming and friendly every employee is at Mercer, regardless of their title.

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