What a Summer!: Closing Thoughts from the 2019 Interns

By Quinn Rafferty The days are long but the internships are short. As many of us across the country see our internship coming to a close, the overall sentiment is bittersweet. All our experiences have been vastly different but share three major themes in common. 1.Mercer is a welcoming, supportive and encouraging space to learn... Continue Reading →

What Interns Wish They Could Have Learned in School

By Grace Sheng Hi, I’m Grace, a Wealth Intern in the Houston office. I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to know everything about a situation before I get into it. Before arriving at my internship, I read tons of posts and articles about how to prepare for and what to expect from... Continue Reading →

What Does Each Intern Position Do?

By Adelaide Seeman Some people know exactly what they want to do in the future. Others, like me, have no idea. But we all still have to go through the stress of applying to summer internships. Personally, most of the stress actually comes from not knowing what position titles actually mean. What exactly does a... Continue Reading →

How to Be Professional at Mercer

By Crystal Huang The topic of professional behavior and work etiquette is multifaceted. There are all the things they tell you on the internet: communicate your ideas concisely and effectively, don’t swear, be on time (or a little early!) for work and meetings, keep your personal life out of the workplace, etc. Although these are... Continue Reading →

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